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It is the first weekend of October, also known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. A few years ago, when I was still in the midst of active treatment, my older son started playing tackle football. During the month of October, they swapped out their maroon socks for pink, the boys […]

Nothing to say . . .

I like to talk. A lot. In school, there was more than one occasion where I had to change desks because I was too chatty with my neighbor. My husband and I can’t get through an entire television show without me interrupting at least three times with random observations, jokes […]

False Alarm

We’ve all heard the stories. Or seen it played out on countless sitcoms. Pregnant mom and dad head to the hospital, convinced that baby’s arrival is imminent. They invite everyone they know – family, friends, co-workers, high school nemesis, Uber driver, et al. – to come join them at the […]

I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Mom

Kelly Ripa, she of her eponymous television show, Colgate and Nutella commercials, has caused quite a stir. She went on “The Wendy Williams” show last week and revealed, when relating an incident with her 13-year old daughter that resulted in her daughter losing phone privileges, “I don’t think she likes […]

What I Want to Remember

There is a lot about the last year that I would prefer to never think about again. The pain – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – I’d rather not remember. The surgical drains and radiation burns and hair loss? I would be fine blocking out that trauma. The days where I […]

An Ode to Sport

I am not an athlete. Never was. There was a time, once upon a time, that I may have entertained aspirations (read: delusions) about my skill on a softball field. Alas, my dreams of being a power hitter were derailed by little things like my lack of speed, athletic talent […]

Just Go Do It

I tend to be a procrastinator. I get everything done that I need to get done, but sometimes I’m sliding in right under the wire. I put off getting my first mammogram for three years. I knew that I was supposed to start getting screened at 40. My OB/GYN made […]

Random Thoughts Now That I’m Done

1.     Well, I’m done with my active treatments. No more chemo infusions sitting in a pleasantly vibrating chair while trained volunteers offer to massage my feet and hands (yeah, I could write an entire post on that alone) to help take my mind off the fact that they’re […]

What next?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 27. Since then, I have had: Two mammograms Two ultrasounds One MRI One biopsy One PET scan Two surgeries One four-day hospitalization for an infection Four chemotherapy infusions Twenty-one radiation treatments Untold gallons of blood drawn Countless appointments with countless physicians And […]

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